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Stretching people’s potential, then helping them exceed it

Our biggest long-term goal is to help vulnerable individuals enjoy overall well-being and whatever degree of lifelong independence suits them.  ASDAN is our way of delivering both.

ASDAN is a widely recognised programme for developing and accrediting skills in the three key areas of learning, employment and everyday living. Perfect for young people – or adults who might struggle with formal learning – ASDAN’s flexible and practical approach suits our service users very well.  Even if someone prefers not to formally engage with ASDAN and its accreditation system, we use it as a blueprint for the help we provide to them. 

At Bedspace we use ASDAN to focus on helping individuals achieve a qualification in Personal and Social Development.  As part of that, ASDAN covers six key areas:

  • Finance and budgeting

  • A place of your own

  • Education, employment and training

  • Cooking on a budget

  • Health and well-being

  • Race, culture and identity

As with all of our work, we tailor each service user’s ASDAN accreditation to their specific needs, prioritising the areas they need the most assistance with.  Their support worker is heavily involved too, helping to manage any documentation and making sure things run smoothly.