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At Bedspace we believe in exceptional customer service and providing quality accommodation to society’s most vunerable people.

We understand the importance of property and financial security. Below are all the precautions we have in place to give you peace of mind.

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Dom Byrne

Hope Street Homes (Liverpool)

A friend recommended Bedspace to me and told me that it would be a great return on investment. From a financial perspective, there is guaranteed consistent rent, management is taken care of, and it just makes the process simple. But when I looked into it, I realised that with Bedspace I could really make a difference to vulnerable people in my community. Outside of my work in property, I support a mental health charity with my wife, and so my values align perfectly with Bedspace. In the past year working with the team, they have been so easy to deal with, and I can’t recommend them enough.

David Dunne

Elite Residential Management (Liverpool)

I’ve been working with Bedspace for about 10 years now, and initially chose them for the element of guaranteed rent and consistent management of my properties. But since then, I’ve loved being able to make a difference. When you know someone has had a hard time and you can give them a quality property, you know you’re doing a good thing. 

I have total trust in Bedspace and a solid relationship with the management team. I’ve recommended Bedspace to friends and colleagues in the past, and would continue to do so in the future to share my good experiences.

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