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What We Do


We’re giving vulnerable people the skills and confidence to never need us again.


Our ultimate aim at Bedspace is always to give people the support and skills they need for achieving independence.  From helping them conquer emotional challenges or enter education, to giving them life skills like cooking, budgeting and even finding work – there’s nothing we love more than seeing people flourish. 

We support lots of people at Bedspace, but one thing they all have in common is their vulnerability when they come to us.  For example, our service users might be living in fear, struggling with mental heath issues, or leaving care with nowhere to go…and sometimes all three. 




The good news is that our approach to accommodation and support is uniquely tailored to each individual, whatever their background and circumstances.  Between our teams, we have a wide enough range of accommodation and specialist skills to provide highly customised support that exactly meets their needs.

Occasionally we assess a referral we genuinely can’t help; usually someone with extremely challenging needs we can’t adequately meet.  When this happens, we don’t house that person just because we have a spare bed – that helps no one in the long run.  Instead, we stand by our promise to always work appropriately and in their best interests, even if it means signposting them on. 


The people we work with include:

  • Young people aged 16+, including those leaving care

  • Homeless families

  • NHS referrals

  • Parent and baby

  • Adults aged 18+ 

  • Asylum seekers