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Creating futures to look forward to...

At Bedspace, we're all about making a real impact to people's lives. We’ve made it our mission to do one thing: transform the lives of the people we support and care for. With a dedicated team of over 300 people, we're on a mission to provide housing and support to those who need it most, whether they are seeking asylum, transitioning out of care, or facing homelessness. Our ultimate aim is to give people the support and skills they need to achieve sustainable long-term independence.   

Who we are 

We’re an award-winning, trusted OFSTED regulated supported accommodation provider, with a team of highly qualified support workers and housing officers across the North West and beyond. 

What we do

We provide high-quality housing and support to the people we support and care for. Our services include:

  • Children’s residential
  • Young people aged 16+, including those leaving care
  • Homeless families
  • NHS referrals
  • Parent and baby
  • Asylum seekers
  • Adults aged 18+

Who we work with

We work with local authorities, the NHS, charities and landlords. Together we make a difference to the lives of the people we care for and support.  

How we’re different 

We take a longer-term approach… 

We are proud to offer a full pathway of services tailored to each person that we care for and support, from children’s residential, 16+ residential (group living and trainer flats) and outreach support, taking people on the journey to sustainable independence. The people we care for and support love this approach as they are able to stay with us throughout their journey, giving them consistency in their lives.