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Creating futures to look forward to...

At Bedspace we’ve made it our mission to do one thing: transform the lives of vulnerable people. Whether we’re rescuing someone in urgent crisis or reversing their life course with long-term help, our uniquely tailored housing and support services are changing lives forever.  

Who we are 

We’re a widely trusted housing organisation, with a team including highly qualified support and outreach workers right through to bilingual specialists in asylum and Universal Credit. 

What we do

We provide high-quality housing to people in need, with locations, facilities and additional support services that help turn their lives around. 

Who we work with

We work with commissioners, charities, councils, social workers and good landlords, helping everyone from refugees and care leavers to families who are homeless.  

How we’re different 

We take a longer-term view, providing a more responsive, tailored and integrated service for delivering better individual outcomes and bigger overall efficiencies.