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History and Structure

We’ve been supporting vulnerable people since 1999, beginning life providing accommodation to asylum seekers, mainly in Blackpool.   Since then we’ve reached numerous key milestones, growing to around 150 staff and adding a host of different specialisms to our remit. At the time of writing we’ve supported 12,000 individuals of all ages and backgrounds, and we’re still evolving.  

As a limited company managed and run by its owners, we’re in a fantastic position to respond and adapt to the changing needs of the housing and care sectors. Our clients really value this flexibility because it makes us a partner they can work with long term, regardless of shifts in demand, new legislation, or changes to their structure or goals. 

Who We Work With

Our organisational clients

For twenty years we’ve been working with different organisations to help achieve common goals.  Our clients today include everyone from local authorities and the NHS through to specialist refugee charities, and we’ve forged strong and successful long-term partnerships with many of them. See why they choose us.

We aim to help whenever we can, and our tried & tested system of ‘evaluation and proposal’ makes sure we provide the best support possible for each individual referred to us. Our resources and flexibility also mean we’re uniquely well positioned to accommodate and support an exceptionally wide range of vulnerable people. 



We support lots of people at Bedspace, but one thing they all have in common is their vulnerability when they come to us.  For example, our service users might be living in fear, struggling with mental heath issues, or leaving care with nowhere to go…and sometimes all three. 

Our service users

The good news is that our approach to accommodation and support is uniquely tailored to each individual, whatever their background and circumstances.  Between our teams, we have a wide enough range of accommodation and specialist skills to provide highly customised support that exactly meets their needs.

Occasionally we assess a referral we genuinely can’t help; usually someone with extremely challenging needs we can’t adequately meet.  When this happens, we don’t house that person just because we have a spare bed – that helps no one in the long run.  Instead, we stand by our promise to always work appropriately and in their best interests, even if it means signposting them on. 

The people we work with include:

  • Young people aged 16+, including those leaving care

  • Homeless families

  • NHS referrals

  • Parent and baby

  • Adults aged 18+ 

  • Asylum seekers


We work with local councils, national charities and organisations like the Home Office, and they all need to know that they can count on us completely. That means they need to know that every aspect of our work is always done appropriately.  With this in mind, since day one we’ve been determined to provide a service that’s rigorously professional, rooted in best practice, and totally transparent in the way we deliver and report it. 

  • In 1999 we were the first company in the North West of England to win GMAC accreditation for providing Semi Independent Supported Living.

  • We’ve achieved Supporting People accreditation, which shows we’re a well-managed and financially stable organisation. 

  • We’ve secured a place within the Regional Contract for providing services to young people across the North. 

  • All our staff are NVQ qualified (or equivalent) or currently studying for professional qualifications, and our operational staff have enhanced DBS certification.

  • Our secure, cloud-based ReMaS management system is available to authorised users from outside our organization, providing unprecedented transparency in our everyday work.

Gender Pay Gap Report

At Bedspace Resource, we take gender pay gap reporting seriously, in compliance with regulations for organisations exceeding 250 employees. This entails analysing the disparity between the mean or median hourly rates, including bonuses, received by women and men in our workforce.

Our organisation, comprising of 257 employees on the 5th April 2023 snapshot date, of which 156 are women (61%) and 101 are men (39%), recently conducted a thorough analysis. The results indicate a modest mean gender pay gap of 3% at Bedspace, reflecting that, on average, women earn 3% less than men. This figure compares favourably with the UK average of 7.7% in 2023, as reported by the CIPD.

Furthermore, our assessment reveals that both women and men share the same median hourly rate of £10.95, demonstrating equality in pay distribution, with a 0% gender pay gap by this metric.

We are committed to transparency and equality in remuneration practices and will continue to monitor and address any disparities within our organisation.