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Better outcomes mean bigger savings. 

Since our launch in 1999, we’ve made positive outcomes for people in need the unswerving focus of our work.  Today, it still comes well before profit, and it shapes every aspect of the way we work. 

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Never content with just putting a roof over someone’s head, our long-term approach embraces seven different stages and levels of care.  It also considers every single aspect of a person’s needs, from providing great housing to helping with their mental health and everyday life skills.  We’re convinced that working like this is the only way to give people the very best chance of fulfilling their potential, and achieving a level of well-being and independence that’s appropriate and sustainable.  Our results show we’re right. 


Quick fixes aren’t fixes at all.

As anyone who works with vulnerable people in the housing sector knows, doing things on the cheap is a false economy.  Poor quality accommodation jeopardises people’s physical and mental health.  Overstretched staff can’t provide proper care or manage caseloads effectively.  A lack of training limits specialist support and compromises best practice. All of these things increase the risk of service users needing longer-term input, and the likelihood of escalating costs. 

At Bedspace, we and our clients see the long-term value in providing an ‘added-value’ service; one where we look at the bigger picture as well as the smallest details, and where we invest the time, money and energy it takes to really do things properly. This is what helps us deliver better quality housing and support, more smoothly and more efficiently.  In the long-run, that’s what helps our organisational clients save money.  

Quality you can count as well as count on. 

Quality isn’t something we just pay lip service to here: we’ve made it a measurable presence in everything from the way we look after our properties to the care we take of our service users. 

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We also understand that organisational clients need us to excel behind the scenes too, in areas like admin, communications, project management, data management, pricing and invoicing.  By getting the everyday office stuff right, we make working life simpler and smoother, which means time and money saved for everyone.   

ReMaS – Our unique cloud-based management system helps us manage and monitor everyday operations in real time.  It’s accessible to authorised clients too, for smoother service delivery and total transparency. 

HR capability – Having a dedicated HR team helps make sure our staffing runs like clockwork, and also that we pick the right people in the first place. 

Policies and Procedures – Our Policies & Procedures framework is regularly reviewed and helps us work effectively, ethically and consistently at all times.    

Training – Our annual training programme ensures staff are appropriately trained in every area they need to be, 

Accreditation – We follow industry Best Practice in every area of our work, with up-to-date registrations and accreditations wherever they’re relevant. 

People – We carefully handpick our people for their can-do attitude and attention to detail, not just their skills and experience.  

REDI Based on Best Practice and perfected over time, our unique in-house process embraces referral, evaluation, delivery and independence. It’s also documented and measurable – just what commissioners need. 

Agile enough to move with the times. 

With a team of around 150 people across four locations, we’re small and flexible enough to respond quickly to clients’ changing and unpredictable needs. 

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Although we work to strict protocols and industry best practice, clients like the fact that we can be relatively free from the bureaucratic constraints and inertia that can restrict or slow down bigger organisations.  The fact that we’re an owner-managed enterprise only increases our agility.  Being relatively small also helps us deliver a more friendly, caring and personalised service: one where everyday working relationships really matter.  

Locations we’re right at home in. 

The locations we work in are ones we know well, and we try to recruit our staff directly from them. 

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That doesn’t just mean we’re making an investment in those communities; it means we understand their local geography, housing stock, demographics, culture, ethnic mix and socio-economics. In turn, this helps us place service users in the accommodation most likely to benefit them, maximising the chance of positive outcomes and shrinking risk to a minimum. 

The right people in every way for every role. 

Employing the right people helps us guarantee the high standard of care and support our person-centered approach demands.  That’s why we only recruit individuals with energy, enthusiasm, and a genuine passion for care. 

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When it comes to qualifications, we work towards making sure every staff member has the skills to do their job in line with industry best practice and our own policies and procedures.  We’re also committed to developing staff to their full professional potential, which is why our people are motivated and tend to stay with us year after year. 

NVQ trained support workers – All of our support workers already have, or are working towards, NVQ Level 3 in Health & Social Care (or equivalent).

NVQ trained line managers – All of our line managers hold NVQ Level 4 or 5 qualifications in Management of Care for Children and Young People (or equivalent).

DBS checked operational staff – All of our operational staff hold a current enhanced DBS certification.

Specialist training – As well as the obvious Safer Recruitment checks and qualifications needed to work with us, we have staff trained in a wide range of specialisms, including:

Fire Safety, Conflict Resolution, Safeguarding, Risk Assessment, Diversity, Asylum, First Aid, Manual Handling, Physical Restraint, Infection Control, Alcohol and Substance Misuse, Child Protection, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Self-harm, Benefit advice (including Universal Credit)

Digital management for running like clockwork.

Commissioners and clients need a housing partner with the technology to manage things efficiently, transparently and smoothly. Enter ReMaS. 

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Developed in-house then perfected and proven over many years, ReMaS is our unique cloud-based resource management system.  In a nutshell, it allows authorised users – including ‘placing’ social workers – to monitor and manage every aspect of everything we do, all in real time. From contact with service users to ongoing property maintenance: ReMaS gives you the information you need, just whenever you need it. 

Active – Record actions, identify gaps and highlight priorities, all on screen.

Efficient – Enjoy real-time information right at your fingertips, saving time and reducing risk. 

Integrated – Join up relevant data using smart links, for a true one-stop toolkit.

Mobile – Access ReMaS anywhere you can get online: on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

Easy to use – Simple dashboards and traffic lights are intuitive to learn and easy to master. 

Secure and GDPR compliant – As well as satisfying GDPR law on data protection, we use ISO-accredited UK servers and state-of-the-art software for unbeatable security against system failure or hacking. 

Our work leaves you free to do yours. 

If you’re an organisation looking for accommodation, even the best housing is useless if the provider isn’t easy to work with. At Bedspace we make your targets ours, taking full responsibility for running each project like clockwork.

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Firstly, our two decades’ experience and huge range of resources mean you can trust us to solve even complex housing briefs. Secondly, we’ve got rigorous systems and ReMaS on our side, so we’re good at running projects smoothly and transparently, without involving you for a minute more than necessary. Thirdly, we’re realists, so we’ve always recruited can-do people with the drive and initiative to put things right when they do go wrong.  

Last but not least, we’ve also got great people skills, so we’re a team you’ll actually enjoy working with.