🗻 Climbing for Neuroendocrine Cancer UK on 15th June 2024 🗻

In early 2024, after suffering with back pain for over a year, our Bedspace team member Daniel Armstrong in Manchester, and coach for Littleborough U15s, was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, Neuroendocrine Cancer. 

Dan is only 38 with a young family and although this type of cancer is treatable there is unfortunately no cure. The diagnosis has unfortunately come after the cancer has already spread, which is why the Littleborough Team have decided to climb Mt. Snowdon on the 15th June 2024. 

Taking part are 2 coaches, 18 players and parents to raise money and awareness for Neuroendocrine Cancer UK, a small charity that supports patients and promotes awareness and research for this awful, rare disease.

Dan is currently going through his first course of chemotherapy and determined to fight as hard as he can to be here for as long as possible.

Hopefully with increased awareness by the medical profession, new sufferers will be diagnosed and treated earlier, with a better chance of surviving; 53% of all cancer deaths are caused by the rarer cancers like this.

By donating you will be supporting the research and awareness to hopefully have better outcomes in the future for those suffering with this cancer.

With over £1,000 raised already, every penny will make a huge difference.

If you want to support the Littleborough team, then consider donating today through the link below: