Over the past few weeks, our incredible team members, Jessica Cotgrave and Megan Gardner, spearheaded an initiative to amplify the voices of our Young People in our recruitment process.


Through focus groups brimming with creativity and fresh perspectives, our Young People shared invaluable insights and ideas into their experience in Supported Accommodation. Jess and Megan worked with the Young People to create a pivotal question, that will now feature in our interviews for prospective Support Workers.


But that's not all! Last Friday, Jess and Megan embarked on a special journey, visiting each Young Person who participated to capture their opinions and voices on film. 📹


We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Bedspace Team who were involved and, most importantly, to every Young Person who lent their voice to this project. Your contributions ensure that the voices of Young People at Bedspace are not just heard but truly listened to. 🙌


Stay tuned as we prepare to unveil the video soon! 🚀 Get ready to meet our incredible Young People and hear first-hand the qualities they value most in Support Workers.


Their message is clear: "We want to be listened to." 🗣️