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Pauline O'Connar talks about her views on the recent National Care Review 2022!

16 06 22

The National Care Review 2022 was released recently detailing the LGA’s priorities and action plans for better supporting Children and Families in care. 


What are your thoughts?


Pauline O’Connar (our Deputy Children’s Home Manager) has spoken to us about her initial reflection on this review:

"I really welcome the challenges and the opportunities that the Care Review presents for us. Whilst I haven’t first-hand experience of every issue that it raises, I’m aware that the review looked at evidence far more wide ranging than my own perspectives. Some of the conclusions I wholeheartedly agree with such as, more providers offering more flexible homes specific to needs, with children and young people who have previous care experience being protected under the Equality Act, but some others I’ll need to reflect on further.  The real key for me will be how much political determination there is to drive some of these changes through. It’s clear that as a society we can do a better job of taking care of our vulnerable children, making the changes will require an investment in terms of money and people, but can we afford to do nothing?"


In an intriguing Government response to the National Care Review, Minister Quince outlined a main priority when improving children’s social care to be:

“To ensure that there are the right placements for children in the right places, so that those who cannot stay with their parents grow up in a safe, stable and loving home.”


Bedspace’s mission of “Transforming the Lives of Vulnerable People” holds as true as when we began over 22 years ago. With the addition of our Children’s Home service based in Staffordshire, we aim to create this safe, stable and loving home for all those who join us.

If you are interested in joining our Children’s Residential Team then please seek out our current vacancies on our Careers page – we would love to hear from you!