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Things to Consider When Welcoming Ukrainian Refugees into Your Home

31 05 22

We know that many people in the UK have signed up for the government's Homes for Ukraine scheme to support Ukrainian people coming into the UK.


We have 22 years of experience supporting asylum seekers setting up life in the UK, and so understand that there are several things to consider if you are welcoming a Ukrainian person or family into your home. 


If you’ve signed up for the scheme, or are thinking about it, read our blog below on what you need to know. 🇺🇦


Aisling White, Head of Service Delivery for Supported Accommodation at Bedspace


More than ten million people are now thought to have fled their homes in Ukraine in the midst of the conflict with Russia. In addition to a family visa scheme for Ukrainians who have an immediate or extended family member in the UK, the government has launched a Homes for Ukraine scheme. This means that people in the UK can host a Ukrainian person or family in their own homes and receive £350 a month from the government to cover the costs. So far, over 100,000 British people have offered to help. (Info from BBC News)


If you are one of the many families choosing to welcome Ukrainian refugees into your home, there are many things to consider to help make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible for both you and the Ukrainians that you are hosting.


Things to Consider

Welcoming a family into your home will result in a big change in your lifestyle. There will be an impact on your family, children, and routine, so planning and preparing for this transition will be important. There will likely be struggles and barriers along the way throughout the process. Being patient and equipping yourself with the right skills will allow you to support for the family you have chosen to help, while also taking care of you and your family’s own wellbeing. 


Struggles that the Ukrainians Might Have

The Ukrainian refugees will be facing many challenges, both emotional and practical. Fleeing a warzone, they will likely be suffering mentally with conditions such as PTSD and grief, and may be triggered by various things in daily life. They will have concerns for their family and country, and on top of this may feel unwelcome and will be getting used to a completely new environment.


There are also practical challenges that the Ukrainians will be facing. Language barriers, not knowing where things are in the local community, and lacking possessions or a livelihood in the UK are just some of the things that will make acclimatising to life in the UK difficult for the refugees. 


Challenges That You Might Face

Having another individual or family in your personal space will come with challenges. Things such as language barriers and cultural or religious differences, as well as having reduced privacy may be difficult. Moreover, having to adapt to living with new people and altering your schedule will impact your daily life. As well as the pressures associated with supporting the Ukrainians, you will also need to consider how to protect your own family’s wellbeing and support them. The emotional trauma that the Ukrainians may be facing may have an impact on your own family.



At Bedspace we have worked with asylum seekers for over 20 years – in fact, it is why we initially set up in 1999. From our years of experience working to house and provide support to transform the lives of vulnerable people such as asylum seekers, we have come up with some top tips to help you through the process of hosting a Ukrainian individual or family. (Keep checking our website as we will be posting these top tips soon!).


In addition to hosting a Ukrainian family as part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme, there are also other ways you can help. If you are a landlord, property provider or have multiple properties, offering one of your properties so a family can have their own home would make a big difference. Smaller things such as donating clothes, food, or money to charity are other ways to support. 


For more info on how to help, click here.


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