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Winter Homeless Appeal December 2021

23 12 21

With Christmas around the corner, we wanted to inform everyone of the recent donation total for the Bedspace Winter Homeless Campaign 2021 of...🥁🥁🥁 £4,605!

We are overwhelmed by the success and generosity of those who have supported the campaign so far that we have extended the donation submission date to the beginning of the New Year.

With Christmas closing in, more COVID cases on the rise and treacherous weather, we want to ensure that all of our essential item bags are made and distributed safely and securely for our staff and the many in need who will be receiving them.

We have started packing bags today while wearing masks and sanitising often with the hope of distributing them to some of our charities before Christmas.

We want to thank Minuteman Press for supporting the campaign with the supply of the 'Stay Safe' bags.

Watch the full video to see a message from some of our chosen charities; The Archer Project and Carlisle Key!

Coffee4Craig | The Whitechapel Centre | Hull Sunday Soup Kitchen | The Foxton Centre