Our Managing Director, Nick Thornhill, met with the Liverpool Echo last week to discuss the challenges in the care/support sector and how Bedspace Resource Ltd has tried solving these challenges through innovative ways such as new services and the Bedspace Trust.


Nick said;

"You can give yourself comfort that young people are getting the support they need and are getting safe accommodation, and as long as they're working with us they can get moved on and help stop that cycle of homelessness."


This article covers the cost of living crisis, rise in homelessness and funding restrictions on those who are post-18 within leaving care.

An insightful read that provides both a company update and potential solutions we hope to implement through the Bedspace Trust that will allow us to continue our mission of, "Transforming the Lives of Vulnerable People". This Trust is another exciting step for us as we continue to adapt and grow. We will continue with our innovative ways in order to sustain and develop our services in order to meet the needs of those that really need it, and support our local communities.

Keep an eye on our social media over the next month where we will be providing more insight into the Bedspace Trust and our plans for the future.