Meet Edward Parry, our Regional Fire Safety Officer with 18 years of firefighting experience!

Eddie's dedicated to keeping our young people safe in their homes by implementing training and thorough fire risk assessments at Bedspace properties.

In our mission to promote fire safety, we address emerging risks like the charging of personal electric vehicles such as e-bikes and e-scooters.

Unfortunately, bad charging habits can pose serious risks, especially at night when occupants are asleep. That's why we emphasise responsible charging practices, like keeping these vehicles behind fire doors, garages, or in closed kitchens to mitigate potential hazards.


"Simple Actions Save Lives.

For smoke detectors, push the button, not your luck!"


At Bedspace, we've seen firsthand the outcome of unsafe charging of E-bikes (see photo on the right). Through sharing this information and resources with our staff, young people, and those who read this post, we hope to reduce the risk of these events happening.

Remember, simple actions like ensuring working smoke detectors and closed fire doors can save lives. Let's prioritise safety together!


Learn more about safe charging for personal electric vehicles from the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC):