🌟 Mental Health Awareness Week (13th - 19th May) at Bedspace! 🌟


To promote open conversations and spread positivity, our Wellbeing Champions have set up prompts around each of the offices for our team to share their reflections, resources and thoughts on mental health.



Here are the prompts we've put up:

🌈 What makes you happy?

🧠 What does Mental Health mean to you?

💬 What is a quote which changed your life?

🤗 What would you say to someone who may be struggling with their Mental Health?

🌱 Name some fantastic resources/charities people can utilise surrounding Mental Health and Wellbeing!


We're excited to see what our amazing team members contribute and the conversations that will unfold over the course of this week.


We'd love to hear from you too! What are you doing to mark Mental Health Awareness Week? Share your initiatives and let's inspire each other to prioritise mental wellbeing. Together, we can make a difference! 💙