We're thrilled to announce that the team has successfully completed the Sunrise to Sunset Challenge in aid of the Bedspace Trust! 🌟🏔️



Despite facing some of the toughest weather conditions imaginable, including freezing temperatures and fierce 60mph winds, our dedicated team persevered. Starting at 6 am last Saturday, they ascended peak after peak, pushing through mist and challenging conditions with over 20km covered and more than 2500ft ascended, it was truly a test of resilience.


Nick Thornhill, our Managing Director and Co-Owner of Bedspace, described it as the most extreme weather he's ever experienced while walking or climbing. Personal Trainer and Online Coach, Tom Barnett, echoed the sentiment, saying it felt like -15 degrees at the summit, an unparalleled experience for him.


Despite the adversity, every single member of the team rose to the challenge and can walk away proud knowing they gave it their all on what is probably the hardest hike of their life.


A massive thank you to Jack Oliver and the Lake District Adventuring team for ensuring everyone's safety and providing invaluable support throughout the journey.


We've raised just under £4,000 for the Bedspace Trust so far, but the link is still open for donations! Every contribution makes a real difference in ending the cycle of homelessness for those who are Post-18.


Thank you to everyone who supported us along the way. Together, we've made a meaningful impact. 🙌


📸: Tom Barnett (IG: @tombarnettfitness)