We're proud to shine the spotlight on Kebba Maneh, our dedicated Outreach/Solo Support Worker in Yorkshire, and the visionary Founder of the incredible charity, Our Roots Inner City Lives.



Outside of Bedspace, Kebba, alongside his exceptional team, passionately supports children, young asylum seekers, and refugees in the Wakefield area. Their efforts encompass crucial support, counselling, and engaging activities, with a focus on core teachings about African Culture, diversity, and breaking down barriers through sports and more! These initiatives not only empower youth but also foster cohesion and an active participation in local communities. 


Kebba stated:

"Every child deserves the support to explore their culture and heritage while realising their potential through community activities. At Our Roots Inner City Lives, we champion equal opportunity and inclusion, promoting shared values and encouraging young individuals to engage actively with others, fostering a deeper understanding of their common ground."



Join us in celebrating Kebba's dedication to making a meaningful impact in the lives of youth and fostering a more inclusive community! For more information on the fantastic work they do visit: