We're thrilled to share the incredible generosity of Imy, who has made a significant impact this Christmas by donating over 100 gifts to our Families/Parent and Baby service in Manchester, supporting children aged 3 to 8.



Deborah Evans, our Manchester Team Leader, expressed sincere gratitude, stating,

“From the bottom of our hearts thank you, you don’t know how much this is going to make a difference to so many people that have nothing at Christmas, you are a special kind of human being. Kindness is from the heart and this is more than kind, thank you.”


We look forward to future collaborations, as Imy plans to engage with our Young People, sharing insights on making positive choices in life.


Imy's generous donation not only brings joy to the young children in our service but also allows us to celebrate their upcoming birthdays and special occasions.


Beyond this incredible act, Imy dedicates countless hours to working with shelters, supporting young disadvantaged kids in the local community, and participating in humanitarian projects. Having recently returned from an 8-week mission providing aid in Gaza, Imy brings a wealth of experience and understanding to his philanthropic endeavours.


After speaking to Imy, he has this to say:

"I'm so pleased to have been able to help Bedspace with this donation. The work they do is fantastic and helps so many. I'm also proud and humbled to be in a position in my life now where I can make a difference to other people and, hopefully, bring a little joy to those in need. Until you've walked in their shoes, you can't possibly start to understand the rich complexities that make up other people's lives. The truth is, any of us could find ourselves vulnerable and hungry. For all that divides us, though, kindness is the common language we all understand, and it's kindness that brings us together."


Together, we're making a positive impact and spreading holiday cheer, show you support in the comments and from all of us at Bedspace, we hope everyone has a joyful and safe Christmas period. We will see you in 2024!