Nick Thornhill, Managing Director has sent a letter to all staff thanking them personally for their support and is proud that we have continued to provide the high levels of support to our young people.


Dear Staff Member

Just a few months ago, little did we know what changes we would be making to our personal and working lives due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  It has challenged so many organisations and the people who work for them, including us. 

It’s understandable to focus on the negatives of the coronavirus which we see on the news every day.  It’s also important to look for the positives and recognise that Covid-19 has not stopped us from successfully delivering high levels of support in many different ways to our young people.  Change in some ways needed to happen and should continue. It has also reminded us how much we all rely on the work of others – be it healthcare professionals, retail staff, delivery drivers or the myriad of other key workers that are risking their lives to keep the rest of us healthy, fed and safe.

I’m proud to see the dedication of our Support, Housing and Admin Teams who are working hard, some behind the scenes to help our organisation adapt to do what we do best which is support vulnerable people.

I personally want to say a big ‘thank you’ to all of you at Bedspace who are putting our vulnerable people first, as well as showing the rest of the country what our profession is made of and where our priorities lie.

This crisis is going to be a huge test for business agility and will bring new meaning to the idea of flexibility and responsiveness which Bedspace is renowned for. As most of you will know, we’ve been trying for years to promote the skill and professionalism in this sector especially around support, I believe you are now getting the credit and praise you deserve from the wider public, long may this continue. 

I am very proud to say to date Bedspace hasn’t needed to furlough any of its staff, in fact we continue to grow and have made a number of new recruitment appointments in the past 4 weeks. 

As a Head of Department Team, we meet regularly to discuss our Business Continuity Plan and I know these updates have been informative to you. We are not resting on our laurels and have already started to think about what post COVID-19 looks like and what lessons are to be learned. I’m hoping over the coming months our Operations Director, Chris Wareing will be able to share some or all of these findings with you.

This epidemic seems to be bringing out the best in people – be it the support of your colleagues or even strangers making small but important gestures to keep people motivated through these difficult times. These are challenging times, but I believe, we will all be stronger and better for the experience.

Finally, I hope you and your families continue to stay safe and well during this time.


Nick Thornhill

Managing Director